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Certified Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab for Drug/Alcohol - NMKN2021-22

Looking for a government-certified Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab? Punjab is one of the worst affected states when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. If your loved one has also fallen for this addiction game, it's high time for you to consult with us.

Once you become an addict, you start losing control of your life; eventually, you start failing at work and relationship commitments. If you see any signs of addiction in you and your loved ones, enroll in our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. We at New Change Life Foundation help an addict to get the best possible service at an affordable price. From cleanrooms to qualified doctors to healthy nutritionists, we offer all.

The most reliable and trustworthy Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

At our rehab centre in Punjab, we have the best team of doctors and medical staff. We have a nutritionist who provides patients with a specialized and personalized diet chart. A well-balanced diet plays a significant role in treating an addict. A patient needs to be treated psychologically along with the medications. The mind of an addict is vulnerable, so we offer proper therapies and counseling so that the patient can stay motivated in this entire journey. The real test of addiction is when an addict gets back to everyday life. So, we offer after therapies to help them stay away from addiction and reduce relapse chances.

Our centre offers premium services like air conditioners, gardens, play areas, gym centres, yoga centres, and many other facilities.

Why New Change Life Foundation is the best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?

New Change Life Foundation is one of the best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. We are an expert in curing patients with the help of a customized recovery program. The Rehab centre has specialized doctors, social workers, counselors, physiotherapists, psychologists, and nurses to treat you well. We help you with every kind of addiction, from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol to other different areas of addiction. You can get in touch with us directly by calling us on 8518000094.

We have a team of experts who are always ready to help you and guide you. There is an emergency helpline number to help you with any query related to treatment or guidelines. When you step into our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab, you will get the best treatment and diagnosis. We first try to understand the addiction level of our patients by doing some tests and assessments. The next step is to talk to them about their addiction and how long they have been into it. Finally, we prepare a customized treatment program for the patient, which includes meditation and yoga sessions. In addition, you get time to time counseling so that you get the strength to give up the addiction.

New Change Life Foundation offers 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results.

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab works towards a personalized approach, and hence we treat our patients well. We have helped hundreds of patients to start a new life. Our treatment approach is reasonably practical and innovative. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, we have treatment programs for everyone. We offer treatment programs for:

  • 1. Alcohol de-addiction
  • 2. Drug addiction
  • 3. Detox treatment
  • 4. Heroin addiction treatment
  • 5. De-addiction treatment and many more.

Our team is always ready to help you. From testing and diagnosis to treatment and therapies, we will help you at its best. You are our responsibility, and we work to promote a better life for you. Call us today and enroll in Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab.

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